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HCR utilizes the most the sophisticated and discrete technology to create the incredible look our clients demand at a price they can afford. How do we accomplish this? The Folligraft 3.1 Hair Replication Technique allows for real human hair that is first hand picked to match your growing hair in color, texture, sheen and wave or curl then inserted into a liquid skin membrane in a direction that is geometrically matched to your growing hair. Methode Trapeze "Bridges" the gap between your thinning hairs. Like two trapeze performers reaching out and meeting in mid-air, Methode Trapeze creates a bridge between your growing hairs. This bridge "closes" the space between hair shafts that, because of your thinning condition, are distanced from one another.

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Hair Restoration for Men and Women

346 Westbury Avenue Carle Place, New York 11514

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